1000g Silver Grain 2023
  • 1000g Silver Grain 2023
  • 1000g Silver Grain 2023
  • 1000g Silver Grain 2023
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1000g Silver Grain 2023

  • Contains: 1000 grams of 999.9 fine silver      
  • Producer: Germania Mint
  • Country: Poland
  • Condition: Uncirculated, Pre-owned
  • Year of production: 2023 
  • Product packaging: Box
  • Insurance: Mandatory


Gross Price: €740.58 £0.00

Please note that the product is pre-owned.



Silver Grain is a Germania Mint investment product. The product is available in weight 1000 g in custom-made capsules, secured with hologram seals, and labeled with the product specification. The product is packed in a Qureco box - ecological cardboard packaging, made of 100% ecological material - no glue or tape was used in the process of assembling.

Germania Mint silver grain comes only from LBMA-certified sources. This assures its purity, originality, and high quality.

Silver grain is a large number of regularly sized granules. It is very useful to artisans, craftsmen, and in many types of industrial processes. From jewelry making to high-tech components that need an extremely conductive, corrosion-resistant, metal inside them (such as electronics and the medicine industry).


Shipping Information:

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  •        - Fully Insured – all the shipments are fully insured by Vienna Insurance Group;
  •        - Privacy – all the packages will have no external markings of what is inside;
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