1 Oz Maltese Cross 2024 Silver Coin
  • 1 Oz Maltese Cross 2024 Silver Coin
  • 1 Oz Maltese Cross 2024 Silver Coin
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1 Oz Maltese Cross 2024 Silver Coin

  • Contains: 1 troy ounce of 999.9 pure silver   
  • Producer: Pressburg Mint
  • Country: Malta
  • Legal tender: 5 EUR
  • Condition: Uncirculated 
  • Year of production: 2024
  • Diameter: 38.00 mm
  • Product packaging: Single coin capsule
  • Insurance: Mandatory

Gross Price: €30.74 £0.00

Monster Box / Tube with this coin:


The 1 Oz Maltese Cross 2024 Silver Coin is the newest major international bullion coin, quantities are limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity to be among the first to own this coin. It is issued by the Central Bank of Malta.



The Maltese cross has become an iconic part of the country of Malta's heritage and culture over the course of hundreds of years. Most commonly associated with the Knights of Malta, the symbol is now used on everything from coins to the logo of different organizations and institutions internationally. The origin of the cross is debated, although one common thought is that it evolved from a cross typically found on coins minted in the Italian Republic, Amalfi, during the 11th century. It was officially adopted by the Knights Hospitallers of St. John in 1126, and stylistically its origins point to the crosses used in the Crusades, known to those then as the symbol of the "Christian Warrior." It is said that the points on the cross denote the eight aspirations and obligations of the knights, "to live in truth, have faith, repent one's sins, give proof of humility, love justice, be merciful, be sincere and wholehearted, and to endure persecution." To this day, the Maltese cross remains the symbol of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, an international organization dedicated to medical and humanitarian aid.

While this coin is a modern-day technologically advanced bullion coin, its origins live in our history. The Maltese cross is an internationally recognized and adored symbol and bridges the past with the present, similar to the mint that produces this great piece. The Pressburg Mint, also named Bratislavska Mincovna, is based in Bratislava, Slovakia, and revives the traditional history of the old mint of the country. Like the Maltese cross, the traditional meets the modern with minting processes that are of the highest technology, but with the precision and attention to quality rarely found in the world today.


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