The Dealer

* is an online bullion dealer and offers silver bullion bars and coins with the lowest spreads in Europe. We expanded our operations and are now delivering silver bullion bars and coins to all EU/EEA member states, including the United Kingdom. We are offering high-end quality products from Valcambi, Argor-Heraeus, PAMP Suisse, The Perth Mint, The Austrian Mint, The Royal Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint, The Rand Refinery, The US Mint, KCM Bulgaria etc. on the best price on the market. 

Our company has a license for precious metals trading (No 6965) issued by the Ministry of Economics in Bulgaria.

We are based in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.


The Problem. The Solution


We believe that silver will be а great investment in the 20s of the 21st century. There are many reasons for this, the constant expansion of the currency supply all over the world being just one of them.

The biggest problem we see in the precious metals market in the EU is the extremely large spreads between the buy and the sell price dealers offer, especially in silver.

The advantages of physical ownership of silver bullion are vast, however no one wants to have to wait until the price is up 50% just to break even. We believe that an investment which requires you to overpay, just doesn’t make sense, regardless of the price.

Therefore, our most important objective is to offer the lowest spreads and constant liquidity for silver bullion bars and coins to the investors in the EU/EEA, including the United Kingdom.


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