Should We Be Worried About Inflation?04.05.2021

Inflation concerns get more and more justified as the days go by. Inflation may be an unavoidable economic fact of modern economic (and everyday) life, but it’s starting to make a lot of people very nervous. Modern economists, investors, and everyday Joes believe inflation is primed for rapid growth as trillions in federal stimulus spending are layered on top of the Federal Reserve’s rock-bottom rates, a nascent economic recovery, and hordes of newly vaccinated shoppers who are eager to spend.

The pandemic changed the world and gold price will reap the benefits27.04.2021

The pandemic changed the world and gold price will reap the benefits By Anna Golubova of After a record year, gold is bound to see more gains in the medium and long-term, according to the CPM’s Gold Yearbook. The pandemic has changed the world, making some of the existing problems even worse and setting gold up to benefit, the CPM Group said.

Silver Outlook: What’s in Store for the White Metal?21.04.2021

1 KG GODDESS EUROPA SILVER COIN BAR 999.9 Silver has benefitted from a buyout of the physical market and will continue to do so moving forward. Silver has remained in the spotlight for several reasons. Kicking off the beginning of the year was a historic level of volatility in the physical silver space, with coordinated attention coming from Reddit via Wall Street Silver.

The few words on money in the U.S. Constitution say more than we know13.04.2021

THE FEW WORDS ON MONEY IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION SAY MORE THAN WE KNOW By Brian Domitrovic The U.S. Constitution was very innovative back in the day..

Mining Companies And Analysts Forecast06.04.2021

MINING COMPANIES AND ANALYSTS FORECAST A NEW RALLY IN THE PRICE OF GOLD, SILVER & PLATINUM FOR THIS YEAR By Jose Angel Pedraza The “exuberance” in the financial markets and the interest of investors to accumulate assets that lack real value is the ideal breeding ground for the price of gold to experience a new rally that returns it to its maximum levels. These are the opinions of Mark Bristow, CEO of the world’s second-largest gold miner, Canadian Barrick Gold, in a recent forum organized by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).

Gold Price Can Still Get To $2,00030.03.2021

GOLD PRICE CAN STILL GET TO $2,000 AS REAL RATES REMAIN NEGATIVE. FOR INVESTORS LOOKING FOR EVEN MORE GAINS IN THE PRECIOUS METALS MARKET, CPM GROUP VICE PRESIDENT OF RESEARCH ROHIT SAVANT SAID THEY WOULD DO BETTER LOOKING AT SILVER AND PLATINUM. By Neils Christensen of Rising bond yields have taken a significant bite out of the Gold market this year, but investors shouldn’t fear increasing nominal yields as real interest rates will remain negative for the foreseeable future, according to Rohit Savant, CPM Group’s vice president of research.

Why Central Banks Are Buying So Much Gold?18.03.2021

Central banks are stacking gold hard. The global economy was flashing danger signs long before the pandemic. For one thing, many countries were clamoring to get hold of as much gold as possible. For the past decade, they have been buying new reserves and bringing them home from overseas storage to an extent never seen in modern times. Then just before the pandemic, there was a pause.

The Great Definancialization10.03.2021

THE GREAT DEFINANCIALIZATION By Parker Lewis Or maybe just get a grip on the real money? Have you ever had a financial advisor (or maybe even a parent) tell you that you need to make your money grow? This idea has been so hardwired in the minds of hard-working people all over the world that it has become practically second nature to the very idea of work. The line has been repeated so many times that it is now a de facto part of the working culture.

Bullish on Silver both short term and long term03.03.2021

Reddit’s Wall Street Silver is quite an interesting place to be right now. On a short-term basis, silver has been discovered and re-discovered by a wide range of investors, sell-side marketing groups, and buy-side retail and institutional investors. Some fund managers and investors are liquidating their short to intermediate-term gold positions and buying silver instead, assuming gold may take a breather in its upward march while silver will play catch up.

Global Silver Demand Forecasted to Rise 11% in 2021, reaching 1.025 Billion Ounces22.02.2021

The Silver Institute is the silver industry’s principal voice in expanding public awareness of the importance of silver to modern society. Among its mandates is to provide the global market with reliable statistics and information on silver, and to create and execute programs that help drive silver demand. For more information on silver and the Silver Institute, please visit www.

Podcast: Silver with Stephen from EuropaBullion06.02.2021


Why To Hold Physical?16.02.2021

There are over 500 hundred derivatives trading for every single ounce of silver pulled out of the ground. Nowadays we have bloated debt in every segment of society. The US dollar, the world reserve currency, is vulnerable. For the first time in Fed’s history, the chairman Jay Powell is publicly stating that the Fed is stimulating inflation. We have all of this with a silver market that is incredibly small.

Europeans have treasured the grey metal for millennia10.02.2021

A one-quarter-ounce silver bullion coin made by the U.K.'s Royal Mint in 2013. We can agree that silver is useful. It was one of the first five metals used by humans (the others being gold, copper, lead, and iron), and readers in North America will be familiar with silver’s monetary and industrial applications. The latter are shaped by silver being the most reflective metal, and it having the highest electrical conductivity of any element and the greatest thermal conductivity of any metal.

Too Big to Fail or Too Small to Bail?03.02.2021

What goes up but never comes down? Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on September 15, 2008. Hundreds of employees, mostly dressed in business suits, left the bank's offices one by one with boxes in their hands. It was a somber reminder that nothing is forever—even in the richness of the financial and investment world. At the time of its collapse, Lehman was the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States with 25,000 employees worldwide.

Precious metals and PGM prices forecast to rise in 2021 25.01.2021

Although a change in the U.S. government is unlikely to ease tensions between Washington and Beijing, says CPM Group vice-president of research Rohit Savant, incoming president Biden’s approach to negotiations with China could impact the status of gold and silver under the current administration. “Hostilities between the U.S. and China will remain irrespective of who is in the White House,” he told The Northern Miner in an email.

World Platinum Investment Council Released Bullish 2021 Platinum Report18.01.2021

The World Platinum Investment Council is extremely bullish for 2021. The World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) released a report with a bullish view of the platinum market in 2021. The WPIC is bullish on the basis of stronger investment demand and restricted production in South Africa. Platinum in deficit The WPIC is predicting a record deficit of 1.


President Richard Nixon was a master of disguise. On Sunday evening August 15th, 1971 President Richard Nixon officially devalued the savings and earning power of every American citizen. It took only 18 minutes. Almost no one noticed. Of course, they heard the speech. It aired live on every major radio and television station in the country.


‘GOLD IS THE MONEY OF KINGS, SILVER IS THE MONEY OF GENTLEMEN, BARTER IS THE MONEY OF PEASANTS – BUT DEBT IS THE MONEY OF SLAVES.’ – Norm Franz To be called money a monetary instrument needs to satisfy a couple of requirements. First, it has to function as a medium of exchange. This means people will readily accept it as payment for goods and services.


With proper treatment, you can get rid of these little devils in less than a minute. If you are an experienced stacker you already met them. If you are new to the game better be prepared. Holding physical silver is always the best option. Right now in terms of paper claims we are up to numbers as big as 500 paper claims for each physical ounce of silver.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Agrees To Pay $920 Million in Connection with Schemes to Defraud Precious Metals and U.S. Treasuries Markets07.12.2020

With a lot of sharks out there trying to take a bite of something holding physical is always a great idea. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMorgan), a New York-based global banking and financial services firm, has entered into a resolution with the Department of Justice of the United States to resolve criminal charges related to two distinct schemes to defraud: the first involving tens of thousands of episodes of unlawful trading in the markets for precious metals futures contracts, and the second involving thousands of episodes of unlawful trading in the markets for U.


Student debt boom Sandy Nurse doesn’t see why she needs to be $120,000 in debt “just for trying to improve my understanding of the world.” And so, after a decade of struggling to repay her student loans, she plans to stop trying. She hopes others will join her, too, in a national strike against the USA’s outstanding student loan debt, which is marching toward $1.

QE INFINITY25.11.2020

The modern-day Merlin pulls out the QE Infinity spell from his pocket. In September 2019, the Federal Reserve began conducting its fourth quantitative easing operation since the 2008 financial crisis; on 15 March 2020, it announced approximately $700 billion in new quantitative easing via asset purchases to support US liquidity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SAFE HAVEN20.11.2020

The precious metals are simple. This is the only asset class that doesn’t depend on something else for its value. Stocks depend on a company’s profit, at least that’s how it was supposed to be. Bonds depend on a coupon payment. Apartments need rent-paying tenants. The precious metals need nothing.


The famous urban legend goes that it was the winter of 1928 when JFK’s father, Joe Kennedy, was said to have received a stock tip from a shoeshine boy – ‘Buy Zeppelin’. The story goes that Joe went straight to his office and sold everything, reasoning that it must be time to sell when the shoeshine boy gives you stock tips. This is how a prosperous tech stock burns to the ground.


In his last appearance from Jackson Hole the Fed chairman Jerome Powell has delivered a brand new approach to monetary policy for the central bank: it will tolerate inflation rising above 2 % for ‘short periods of time’. This means the Fed will likely be more comfortable keeping its extraordinary stimulus measures in place for longer as it waits for the labor market to heat up and the economy to recover.


Mr. Smith was a big believer in the sound money. In 1776 an inspiring Scottish intellectual came up with what appears to be one of the most influential economic books in the history of Mankind. The Wealth of Nations became a stepping stone for modern economics. In his monumental work, Adam Smith really insightful and way ahead of his time explained now widely accepted concepts such as supply and demand, ‘the invisible hand’ (aka the free market), the theory of money and banking, etc.


Will the Precious Metals be the Greatest Bull Market of our lifetime? Summary US equities today trade at truly record valuations, a full-blown mania. Some asset bubbles are already bursting. The precious metals mining industry is the one clear industry to directly benefit from this monetary and fiscal indulgence. The lack of investment in exploration and new gold and silver discoveries is setting up an incredibly bullish scenario for metals.


The Great Depression, ca. 1929 Nothing goes only upwards. At least that is what the popular economic theory and the real-life teach us. The markets go up and down and this is how it is supposed to be.  Not anymore! If you trace history back to the ancient Roman Empire you will see that there are plenty of recessions down the road. Like forest fires, they wipe out bad businesses and punish careless investors making space for new profitable enterprises.


Warren Buffet is bullish on gold. As the old saying goes, “put your money where your mouth is”.  It is hard to think of a more common cliché yet bulletproofed for years to come. For a couple of decades, the famous investment guru and one of the richest people on the face of the Earth Mr. Warren Buffet was one of the biggest gold critics. With his expertise and influential performance on the markets, he has been de facto the leader of the anti-precious metals investing crowd.


Most probably Silver will outperform the Gold in the upcoming Bull Market. This morning, on the 9th of September, 2020, spot gold opened at $1,928.10 an ounce in Europe while spot silver opened at $26.60 an ounce. In essence, the market thinks that gold is approximately 72.5 times more valuable than silver.

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