The Big Silver Short
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The Big Silver Short

The Big Silver Short: How The Wall Street Banks Have Left The Silver Market In Place For The Short-Squeeze Of A Lifetime

Paperback – June 18, 2020

by Chris Marcus  (Author)

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Many were stunned to see The Big Short and realize that there were a few savvy traders who saw the subprime crisis in advance and used that knowledge to make a fortune in the financial markets.

Shockingly, a similar situation is playing out in the silver market at this very moment, and The Big Silver Short provides the perfectly timed hand guide to profit from one of the greatest investing opportunities in history!

Featuring interviews with 15 of the world’s top silver experts—including Ted Butler, Andrew Maguire, Bart Chilton, Rick Rule, and David Morgan—the book reveals:

  • - Why a dramatically higher silver price has become a matter of “when” rather than “if”
  • - How the Wall Street banks have effectively sold each ounce of silver to over 500 people
  • - Former CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton‘s stunning revelations about J.P. Morgan and silver manipulation
  • - Why Ted Butler thinks J.P. Morgan has more than 800 million ounces of silver
  • - The real story about the Hunt brothers
  • - The truth about Warren Buffett’s silver position and how he got forced out of it
  • - Why the Federal Reserve will never raise interest rates

So if you’re watching the Fed’s hyperinflation campaign, and you want to be prepared and keep your money safe (or even profit at Wall Street’s expense), get The Big Silver Short today!